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A Few Testimonials From Clients

To those who wrote me their testimonials, a big thank you for allowing me to publish them!

“The time I spent with Ellen was possibly the most energizing hour of my life”

“After 20+ years of suffering from IBS, I was back to normal again after following Ellen’s therapy program for IBS.”

“After our sessions, I stop hating my parents and began understanding what happened. They just didn’t know how to help me at the time.”

“I can enjoy the freedom now of not having this fear hanging over me now.”

“After so many years of living with this digestive disorder, I’m so grateful for your help. You really did help me  a lot!

“I went to see Ellen when training for the Trailwalker 24-hour race in Sai Kung. Thanks to Ellen, I have never felt so confident about racing as I feel right now. I ran the best race of my life. I’m certain that my best running is still ahead of me.”

“I was amazed that hypnosis let me let go of the pain”

“She helped me discover an inner conflict that was holding me back. From that, I was able to change a behavior that was sabotaging my life.”

“Ellen helped me get my life in order and to quit smoking”

“Ellen opened up a new world to me. At each stage of the process, I was always aware and in control of my actions, thoughts and responses – I felt safe.”

“After just a few sessions, I was able to control and eventually stop my blushing”

“I could think of nothing else but the Cancer returning and having to go through all those treatments again. It was about a week after my session with Ellen that I realized  I hadn’t thought about my fears since our last session.”

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