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About Me

My early interest in the power of the mind

My interest in the amazing power of the mind can be traced back to my brother. As a young boy, he showed me how he could remain completely still and yet could move the mattress and springs of his bed with the energy of his heartbeat. Today, I would say that he used the power of his unconscious mind.

Many years later, he struggled with pancreatic cancer and his doctors had decided on a risky and massive operation called the “Whipple operation”. My brother, true to form, decided to speed up his recovery by doing hypnosis. Five days after the operation, he was jogging again. Not the 10-minute mile, but still – jogging!

After that display of mindpower, I decided to become a hypnotherapist.

And to this day, he continues to jog.

My hypnosis wake-up call

In my late teens, I discovered that my lower back was very uncomfortable whenever I stood in place for any amount of time, the result of an old ice skating accident. Over the years, the pain worsened with stress and anxiety, particularly when I sat down to work. I tried doctors, chiropractors, stretch specialists. Nobody could help. Physically, I was given a clean bill of health even though the pain was chronic and unabated.  I didn’t know then what I know now – that my pain response had somehow become an automatic response in my brain.

When I discovered Hypnotherapy, the first thing I did was visit Fiona McKeand, a hypnotherapist working in Hong Kong at the time. Within just a few sessions, my back pain was gone. It was as if the connection of the pain response to my brain was disconnected. Like flipping a switch. It never came back.

And I went to study hypnotherapy in California.

My Training in Hypnotherapy

I am a Master Hypnotist and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I originally trained at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute (HTI) in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1978, the institute has consistently been a pioneer in developing new therapeutic approaches and in merging all schools of thought. My teacher, (the ‘Teacher of Teachers’) was Randal Churchill, the founder of HTI and Past-President of The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE). I have since trained with and learned from some of the world’s best-known hypnotists and hypnotherapists to further my knowledge and expertise in various specialized areas of hypnotherapy.  I continue to upgrade my skills and knowledge in breakthrough therapies to this day.

Hypnotherapy has a reach that is as wide and broad as is the power of our human potential. It is a field that is mushrooming today as the scientific world of neuroscience reveals to what extent our mind truly is adaptable to helping us achieve what we aspire to.

I am a Canadian and have been living and working in Hong Kong since 1989. In Canada, I was in Marketing Management for 20 years with small consultancies and large multinationals. In Hong Kong, as well as being a hypnotherapist, I was also a writer and publisher.

Ellen McNally,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
A.C.H.E. Certification #613-180