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What if you don’t feel comfortable?

When you’re not comfortable with what is going on in a trance, you want to know that you can come out of it anytime. And you can. It takes a second to come out of it, if that’s what you want. It’s just as easy as coming out of a daydream. But when you’re in a hypnotic trance, and when you trust your hypnotist, you’re focused on cooperating and facilitating the process. You want results and a tranc...
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Do you have any control when in a trance?

Contrary to what you would expect, the client has all the control. The hypnotist has none. It’s not magic. It’s more like teamwork where clients will attempt to let go of the controlling tendency of their judgmental mind so that suggestions can be more easily accepted by their unconscious. The hypnotist facilitates the process by simply guiding the process along to the point where the client is op...
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How does it feel to be in a trance?

  A trance is like a daydream. Have you ever noticed how when you spontaneously daydream, you’re totally focused and everything is crystal clear? Or when you’re totally engrossed in a movie and your emotions are spilling over. That’s a trance too. A hypnotist helps you recreate and prolong this ‘daydream’ (i.e. a trance) as this is exactly when the subconscious is at its most suggestible.
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