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How does it feel to be in a trance?

A trance is like a daydream. Have you ever noticed how when you spontaneously daydream, you’re totally focused and everything is crystal clear? Or when you’re totally engrossed in a movie and your emotions are spilling over? That’s a trance. The power of hypnotherapy is that it is experiential in nature and allows you to experience yourself having already changed and to adjust those changes in a way that helps you better manage the challenges of your life. When you’re in a trance, there is a feeling of safety and detachment. Your mind is able to filter out distractions, worries and preoccupations. Under these conditions, your unconscious mind can focus all of its energy on creating the changes that you make and on processing them so they become a natural effortless part of you.

Do you have any control when in a trance?

Contrary to what you would expect, the client has all the control. The hypnotist has none. The therapist has no magical powers. Instead the hypnotherapist trains the client how to use the skill of a hypnotic trance. Hypnosis is simply a skill that everyone can learn as a way of accessing one’s own powerful resources. The client is always super-aware – not the opposite. In nearly every case, my clients know how they want to change but cannot because of the critical and judgmental part of their mind is preventing their mind from accepting the change they want.  By training the client to relax and let go temporarily of this logical judgmental part of their mind, suggestions for change can be accepted and experienced more readily. The hypnotist facilitates the process by simply guiding the process along to the point where the client is open to new and more powerful suggestions. 

What if you don’t feel comfortable?

When you’re not comfortable with what is going on in a trance, you want to know that you can come out of it anytime. And you can. It takes a second to come out of it, if that’s what you want. It’s just as easy as coming out of a daydream. But when you’re in a hypnotic trance, and when you trust your hypnotist, you’re focused on cooperating and facilitating the process. You want results and a trance is the process to make it happen.