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Anxiety is the fundamental feeling experienced by all hypnotherapy clients regardless of their therapy goal. In the quiet of a hypnotic trance, a client can regain their inner calm and access the insight and clarity they need to find better solutions. Anxiety in all its forms is not only a physically distressing issue but it’s a performance issue as well. When cortisol, the stress hormone, is constantly activated, it prevents the sufferer from accessing their cognitive, behavioral and emotional resiliency. All of us have the inner tools to come to terms with and resolve our problems but when cortisol is flooding our system, it prevents us from accessing those abilities to think clearly and to find the answers. Ongoing anxiety causes us to perform more poorly at work, in relationships and socially. It also affects our ability to sleep as the mind cannot let go of the fight or flight response. The mind goes through the same loop of thinking over and over again. Sleep suffers and the loop goes on.

My clients may simply be suffering from a prolonged period of stress overload or they may be struggling with inner conflicts, self-esteem, childhood trauma, lack of confidence, dysfunctional relationships and many other issues. Hypnotherapy’s first goal is to provide relief from the loop of anxiety that is off the rails and to give the client tools, such as self-hypnosis or mindfulness techniques to manage their transition to being back in control. Learning to take back control from the anxiety is done in the calmness of a hypnotic trance. As well, the focus must be on changing the mental habit of allowing negative self-beliefs and/or hidden memories from dominating one’s self-belief. Sometimes the belief is so strong that one must help the adult’s inner-child process memories that are at the root cause of a powerful negative reaction.  Hypnotherapy also has a wide range of approaches to support clients to process and release traumatic memories and to take back control of their life.

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