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The aim of Hypnosis for uncontrollable fear is to replace the fear response with a more positive and acceptable one. Hypnosis has a range of approaches to help a client overcome their fears and phobias. A phobia is far more intense and disabling than a fear. It is usually accompanied by panic and at times, by other physical symptoms like fainting, hyperventilating and other excessive responses. When you are experiencing a phobia, you know that your response is unreasonable but you are unable to change your response other than avoiding it completely.

Some of these feelings are resolved by changing our mind’s way of perceiving the feared object or event. By helping the mind be detached in a calm hypnotic trance and by re-experiencing it in that environment, changing the outcome, empowering ourselves with our own inner strength. The unconscious mind can process it in a different way and can even practice seeing the object or experiencing the event with a different set of eyes, and the mind can learn to respond with a different set of physical responses.

There are other fears or phobias that can relate back to a traumatic event in the person’s life often in childhood when the child felt too helpless or didn’t have the maturity to know how to deal with it. If one is given the opportunity to talk about how one feels after a trauma or a crisis, then the powerful emotions can be processed and a person can move on. But if that doesn’t happen, the feeling can remain stuck at its peak intensity and we are unable to return to that inner place of homeostasis – to feel ok about it and to be able to accept it.

We can fear failure, the disapproval of a boss, the sounds of footsteps behind us on a dark quiet street or even the fear of contacting a disease. These fears are our survival mechanisms telling us to pay attention to our safety, to our self-esteem or to our health. The difference between fears and phobias is a matter of intensity. In that peaceful quiet state of a trance, we can focus more clearly on the fear or phobia, understand the dynamics of our thoughts and see how the chain of our thoughts can alter the way our body and mind deals with it.  Unconscious thoughts and triggers can become conscious. We can actually observe whether our thought process is a misconception about ourselves or the result of a past negative experience.  Hypnotherapy can help us direct our mind to unlink the automatic negative feeling with the object of fear, to neutralize this negative emotion and to restore our inner sense of safety and confidence.

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