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“I could actually relax and focus on what I was saying. I forgot how stressed this used to make me feel”

Experiencing better performance in a hypnotic trance is an empowering experience. Hypnotherapy can allow the subject to block their barriers to performance, self-consciousness or self-doubt while they experience being in the zone and performing at the level they are able to. This applies as much to public speaking, to sitting exams or to playing golf.  When you can imagine the pleasure of performing well in every part of your body and mind, as you do in hypnosis, your mind begins to learn that this is an experience to model. When you can actually feel that you’re in the zone – at that level where the critical mind stops and where experience, knowledge coupled with the imagination takes over, as happens in hypnosis, the mind is automatically drawn to the experience, learning to replicate the new behavior and to override the old unpleasant response.

Clients who see me to improve their performance mostly have worked at learning the skill set they need. They know how to do what they need to do but they are frustrated with their mind’s ability to focus on their goal. Hypnosis uses their motivation, their dreams of the future and the ability of their imagination to create and learn by a “real time experience” going on in their mind during hypnosis. It is well researched and documented that the mind learns equally well by practicing in the imagination as it does in the field, whether it is public speaking or playing music on stage. The process re-frames the experience and gives it a different perspective teaching the mind to let go of perfection and to perform with joy and self-satisfaction.

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