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Ellen can help you use the power of your mind to find the solutions you want.

What her clients say about their experience. 

Choosing a therapy and a therapist is a very personal decision and trusting someone with important your life issues should not be taken lightly. Here are some comments from a few of Ellen’s clients. The following results vary by individual and cannot be guaranteed.

“Ellen helped me get my life in order,

and to quit smoking too. “

After a nasty divorce and various health problems, I had so much anger and resentment stored up, it gave me a great excuse to smoke even more. Ellen realized I would not be able to quit unless I worked through these unresolved issues.

Ellen very gently and intuitively guided me through the maze of my emotions, helped me find an easy release trigger to de-stress and helped me leave my anger and sadness behind. And, more importantly, to leave that silent killer, my best friend the cigarette.

Not once during our sessions did I feel out of control. Ellen explains every step of the way and has a very gentle and caring demeanour and I’m sure I would never have got this far without her.

Thank you for my new lease on life!

M. 4 sessions

“Then came the day of the race.

I ran the best race of my life.”

I went to Ellen when I was training for the Oxfam Trailwalker 24 hour race in Sai Kung. I’m a very disciplined runner. Running is a big part of my life.

A few years ago, at a Trailwalker, I became exhausted during the race and barely made it to the end. I was disappointed with myself and determined not to let that happen again. I worked with Ellen for a few weeks before the race. Ellen is a hypnotherapist who particularly enjoys working in athletics and sports so I felt she understood how to help me. I had about 6 sessions in all. Not only was every session relaxing, enjoyable and uplifting but my running consistently improved week after week. We worked to overcome my negative thoughts, to reduce how I perceived my level of effort, to overcome my barriers to higher performance, to create visualizations, to run with relaxation, to get in the zone and finally, to rehearse the race itself.

Then came the day of the race. I ran the best race of my life. Our team came 5fth after the 2 Nepalese National Teams and the 2 2XU teams. And thanks to Ellen, I have never felt so confident about racing as I feel right now. I’m certain that my best running is still ahead of me.

J. 6 sessions

“The hour I spent with Ellen was possibly the most energizing hour of my life…”

Ellen was recommended to me by a friend. Through hypnosis Ellen guided me to various places in my mind; each stage of development was a conscious experience for me as I remained in complete control of my actions, thoughts and responses – I felt safe.

I had four sessions with Ellen at the end of each she provided me with an audio recording of the events. The work with Ellen was a starting point. She opened up a new world for me; a world that is not determined by what has happened or what will happen but by what is happening right now.

I have since enrolled on Yoga classes, I self-meditate religiously for 15 minutes a day, I make time for others and others make time for me because I now have time. Life has become an enjoyable experience full of enthralling challenges; challenges which present solutions not problems. The present is such a wonderful place to be in fact I look forward to spending most of my life there.

M. 4 sessions

“..In just a few sessions of hypnotherapy, I was able to control my blushing. “

I came to see Ellen to help me with a few issues. I also wanted to build my confidence in myself.  I grew up in a home with parents who seemed uncaring. Consequently, I found it difficult to have positive, strong, confident feelings about myself. I also was still struggling with grief over my young brother’s death a few years ago. 

In just a few sessions of hypnotherapy, I was able to control my blushing. As well, I found lots to love about myself now as an adult and I could to let go of those painful memories of my childhood.  I came to accept my parents’ behaviour. They just didn’t know any better.

I was also able to say goodbye to my brother and to feel ok about trying to be as happy as I can be in my own life.

P. 4 sessions

“I can enjoy the freedom of not having this fear hanging over me”

I have Multiple Myeloma, a treatable, but at present an incurable disease. It is a blood cancer which attacks the bones. In the past two years I have had radiotherapy, chemotherapy and finally I had a Stem Cell Fusion. This involved very strong chemotherapy, and quite a long time of rehabilitation.

I began experiencing a fear of the disease returning. The fear of having to go through all the treatment again was so strong that I could think of nothing else. It was affecting my health and my immune system was suffering.

I had one session with Ellen focusing on this negativity. It was a very relaxing and comforting time, with Ellen talking me through my fears, and eventually replacing these fears with more joyful thoughts and experiences I had going on in my life, of which I have many.

Later in the week, I suddenly realised I was not thinking any longer about being ill, or the disease, or the treatment.

A few months later, I am continuing to keep very positive, and I can enjoy the freedom of not having this fear hanging over me. I do know however, should it return, that I shall certainly seek Ellen’s help again.

E. 1 session