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I believe that our unconscious is by far the most powerful part of our mind and that hypnosis is the most effective way to help the mind accept and implement change. What I love about hypnotherapy is that it gives us the ability to create the change we want in our life.

When our unconscious mind understands that we want to thrive,
it can change in a minute.

Thanks to Ellen, I have never felt so confident about racing as I feel right now. I ran the best race of my life.

Ellen McNally


About Me

My clients experience anxiety in a wide range of life experiences. I help them influence their unconscious mind to make the changes they want for a more successful life. Like all hypnotherapists, I cannot hypnotize them. Instead, in each session, I train clients to hypnotize themselves and I use a variety of approaches from NLP, regression, Gestalt, visualization, metaphors, powerful suggestions and various other approaches to gently persuade their inner mind to embrace change. The unconscious mind easily absorbs change that is empowering and life-enhancing.

Ellen helped me quit smoking for good.
- Marcia G. -
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How can I help through hypnotherapy?

My clients always know what they want to achieve. I help them find their own solutions by freeing their mind to believe it can happen.

Although a large portion of my work focuses on General Hypnotherapy, I specialize in Medical Hypnotherapy

General Hypnotherapy
Here are most of the General Hypnotherapy issues I deal with in my practice:
• Inner conflicts
• Social anxiety
• Low self-esteem
• OCD and obsessions
• Depression
• Negative habits
• Compulsive behavior
• Fears and phobias
• Performance improvement (academic, public speaking and athletics/sports)




Medical Hypnotherapy
Compared to the areas of general hypnotherapy above, my work with medical hypnotherapy involves helping clients resolve issues that have a health and medical component. These clients either find me on their own or are referred to me by medical doctors for their patients.
• Smoking and other addictions
• Weight loss
• Gut-focused IBS therapy
• Insomnia
• Immune system issues
• Dental fear/anxiety
• Pain Management
• Alzheimer’s and other dementias
• Pre and Post surgery
• Cancer care
• Allergies such as asthma, food and skin allergies etc

I could actually focus on what I was saying. I forgot how stressed this used to make me feel

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis is an experience that is difficult to accurately describe in words.  It’s easier to say what it is not. It’s not magic. It’s not spiritual. I have no special power. I can simply help you achieve a state of deep inner reflection.

The reason hypnosis is so effective as a platform for therapy is because of the state of deep calm and clarity that you experience in a hypnotic trance. It allows you to focus on your problem without the usual anxiety and mental chatter. It’s like zooming in with a camera lens and filtering everything else out so you can clearly see what you’re looking for. When you can see your issue clearly,  it’s clear as a bell and you’re halfway to the solution.


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At $1500 per session, reduced-price multi-session packages or special fees for extra-tight budgets, it has never been so easy to try out hypnosis.

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