Ellen McNally


About Me

My clients experience anxiety in a wide range of life experiences. I help them influence their unconscious mind to make the changes they want for a more successful life. Like all hypnotherapists, I cannot hypnotize them. Instead, in each session, I train clients to hypnotize themselves and I use a variety of approaches from NLP, regression, Gestalt, visualization, metaphors, powerful suggestions and various other approaches to gently persuade their inner mind to embrace change. The unconscious mind easily absorbs change that is empowering and life-enhancing.

My background

I’m a Canadian citizen and a 30 year resident of Hong Kong. My children are young adults living overseas. I worked in corporate business management for 20 years, I’ve been a writer and publisher in Hong Kong and I loved the experience of raising my children.

I discovered ‘hypnosis as therapy’ through my own family’s experience. First, my brother’s dramatic and fast recovery from cancer surgery following hypnosis. Then, my own curiosity to try it resulted in a total removal of my 20 year chronic back pain. I was hooked.

Here is a brief overview of my specialized training in therapeutic hypnosis.

Regression Hypnotherapy
Anxiety and Depression Management

Anger management
Performance in sports, business and academics
Empowerment hypnosis
Medical Hypnotherapy
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Pain Management
Alzheimer’s and other dementia

Anxiety relief for carers of chronic illness sufferers

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Weight management
Therapy for dementia patients and carers
Hypnosis for grief and the broken-hearted
Online Hypnotherapy
The Simpson Protocol