Author: Ellen McNally

Hypnosis: The mind that refused to fall asleep

“I’m very grateful for your help, Ellen. These days, I fall asleep when my head hits the pillow.” -JC

JC couldn’t fall asleep anymore. With the many pressures and problems at work, he certainly needed a good night sleep, every night. Since Covid, it was chaos with shipping problems, finances and travel restrictions. He needed all his energy just to keep on top of it.

He’d come home for dinner at 7 and would spend quality time with his wife and 2 daughters.

And between 9 and 10, he would read reports and catch up on unfinished emails from his day at work.

And every night, when JC walked away from his computer, his mind was still alert, worried about deadlines and pressures. There was always a lot on his mind.

Unfortunately, after months of this routine, his mind learned a new skill: it kept him awake.

He would say, “I just can’t fall asleep anymore” and he believed it!

When the unconscious mind learns a new belief, it can be very difficult to change. It will carry on this way until it has a very good reason to change.

Hypnotherapy is the mind-body modality that helps the unconscious change patterns of belief.  JC believed that he could no longer fall asleep and this is what he came to see me for.

In hypnosis, we taught the unconscious part of his mind to believe that he was a good sleeper and that he could and should fall asleep.

The unconscious mind strives to create patterns of thought and behaviour that are consistent with our beliefs.

Now his mind allows him to fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.

Hypnotherapy – The woman who was afraid to be the boss

“Thanks Ellen, I was given that position after our hypnosis work last year. Thanks for everything. You really helped me!

BTW, I’m in line for a promotion again and I am so ready for it. Nothing can stop me now!”

Nicola’s boss was impressed by her performance and spoke to her about taking on a more senior job. She was happy to be valued but became increasingly anxious about taking on a more important and visible role.

If you struggle with the fear of stepping into your best performance, chances are you lack the self-belief to create the successful future you know you are capable of.

Hypnotherapy is an easy and empowering way to move past this.

She was rarely acknowledged as a child for her success at school. Nobody expected that she would ever amount to much as an adult. That kind of future was not meant to happen to her.

This self-belief stuck in her mind and created anxiety and insomnia just thinking of the promotion.

That fear kept going around in a loop in her mind at night.

Fortunately, this is just what hypnotherapy is good at. We helped her deepest mind understand what she already was conscious of – that she is definitely worthy of being promoted and has already proved that in spades.

And that easily, she was able to clear up the confusion in her mind.

Her self-doubt disappeared.

It was an exciting breakthrough for Nicola. It felt easy to step up and let her boss know that she was ready to take on that senior role.

Will I be able to go into a hypnotic trance?

A Trance is the Essential Ingredient of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has an essential ingredient that facilitates inner change – a hypnotic trance. It’s quite common for clients to wonder whether they are able to go into a trance. For many, the thought of going into a hypnotic trance can cause them to worry about losing control. It’s actually quite the contrary. In fact, we are always in a trance. Even as you read this, you are in some form of light trance. The benefit of a trance in hypnosis is how it helps us focus inward. It helps our mind have clarity about what we are experiencing. When we calm the mind, we can limit mental chatter and self-judgment.  We have more control instead of less. We have all experienced how being stressed clouds our ability to focus clearly.  A hypnotic trance is simply that quiet inner state of mind without busy thoughts constantly competing with our focus.

A hypnotic Trance Creates Inner Clarity

As a hypnotist, my skill is to help you quiet your mind so you can focus on achieving the change you want. If you can focus on thoughts of tranquility,  your mind will start believing that the tranquility is real. You’ll soon discover subtle physical signals that suggest that your body is calming down.  You’ll naturally feel more comfortable about just letting go and this peaceful state of mind will spread. That peaceful state is called a hypnotic trance.

A Great Movie Induces s a Hypnotic Trance

Some have compared the hypnotic trance to experiencing a movie. When we find ourselves  involved with the emotions and action of a movie, we are in a state of focus. We don’t judge the movie for being unreasonable or far-fetched, even when it is. We just allow it to be whatever  story it is. That focus is what a hypnotherapist refers to as a hypnotic trance. In hypnotherapy, it allows us to accept our story and to find a solution that we feel comfortable with.

In hypnosis, it’s the experiential aspect of a hypnotic trance  that makes solutions easy to accept and that makes hypnotherapy so effective.