Here's how I can help

Every thought, idea, emotion and sensation  involve an automatic connection between the mind and the body. This mind-body connection is equally true for pain, illness and injury just as much as for joy, happiness and success.

My work can be grouped into the following general categories even though the mind’s workings cannot always be classified so easily. It is said that our brain contains over 100 billion neurons so there is room for millions of unique combinations. Each one of my clients is proof of that.

General Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can bring tremendous relief to people with issues of anxiety, depression, trauma, inner conflicts, self-belief, confidence, relationship problems, obsessions, compulsions, fears, phobias and performance improvement (public speaking, exams, sports, sexual…)

Medical Hypnotherapy

This part is the leading edge of hypnotherapy where physical and often chronic issues, can be resolved by the mind restoring one’s inner balance.  I am particularly passionate about pain management, cancer care, insomnia, infertility, weight management, allergies, gut-focused IBS therapy,  immunity, smoking cessation, pre- and post-surgery care.

Each person has a unique set of needs and complaints. I will work with you to uncover the best way to reach your subconscious and make the change you want.