How can I help through hypnotherapy?

My clients always know what they want to achieve. I help them find their own solutions by freeing their mind to believe it can happen.

Although a large portion of my work focuses on General Hypnotherapy, I specialize in Medical Hypnotherapy

General Hypnotherapy
Here are most of the General Hypnotherapy issues I deal with in my practice:
• Anxiety
• Inner conflicts
• Social anxiety
• Low self-esteem
• OCD and obsessions
• Depression
• Sexual Dysfunction
• Negative habits
• Compulsive behavior
• Fears and phobias
• Performance improvement (academic, public speaking and athletics/sports)




Medical Hypnotherapy
Compared to the areas of general hypnotherapy above, my work with medical hypnotherapy involves helping clients resolve issues that have a health and medical component. These clients either find me on their own or are referred to me by medical doctors for their patients.
• Smoking and other addictions
• Weight loss
• Gut-focused IBS therapy
• Insomnia
• Immune system issues
• Dental fear/anxiety
• Pain Management
• Alzheimer’s and other dementias
• Pre and Post surgery
• Cancer care
• Allergies such as asthma, food and skin allergies etc

Anxiety is usually the first signal that something is wrong. Nearly all of my clients have an underlying anxiety that is found in distressing behaviors – social anxiety, inner conflicts, low self-esteem, unexplained anxiety, anger, OCD, obsessions, compulsions, depression, self-harm etc. Hypnosis excels at retraining the inner mind to manage the thinking that fuels this anxiety and to find a more beneficial way of resolving the inner turmoil.

Since hypnosis allows for change at an unconscious level, it is also a powerful tool for changing negative habits and addictions, such as nail biting, hair pulling, smoking and the like and, for neutralizing the uncontrollable nature of fears and phobias that rob them of self-control and create a feeling of powerlessness.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. As a hypnotherapist, I depend totally on the willingness of my clients to access their natural state of a hypnotic trance. When a client realizes that a hypnotic trance is the gateway to the possibilities of a more satisfying and healthier life, it gives them confidence that there is no challenge that the mind cannot deal with. My job is to facilitate, to help them create that quiet inner workshop, to support the client’s changes and to persuade the mind to choose the path of success, health and happiness.

Medical hypnotherapy has become a more specialized field of hypnosis in recent years and the subject of a wide body of scientific research. Hypnosis can focus the inner mind on the body and direct it to improve its state of health. The volume of studies has increased even more in recent years and results can be observed by specific medical testing as well as in the way subjects can feel the changes in their bodies.

There is no doubt however that hypnosis research is lagging behind what therapists are discovering in their practices. Clinical research in this field depends on the generosity of patrons who would finance studies in order to benefit from them. This is the pharmaceutical model. There are no such financial opportunities with hypnotherapy. But there are pockets of hypnotists in universities and hospitals working with doctors and psychologists throughout the world testing new protocols that have been successful in private practice.

In today’s high speed environment, it is the clients’ themselves and often their dedicated doctors who are looking for approaches that medications have not helped them with. Invariably, they discover the mind-body connection is the key to resetting the body back to health.

My clients are mavericks of self-care. They have gotten past the old myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and are determined, (and some are simply resigned to it for lack of real solutions) to use their untapped resources to turn on their own healing. They are no longer waiting for the miracle to be created by others. They are actively participating in triggering the survival mechanisms that they believe exist in their own mind and body.


Each person has a unique set of needs and complaints. I will work with you to uncover the best way to reach your subconscious and make the change you want.