Hypnosis: The mind that refused to fall asleep

“I’m very grateful for your help, Ellen. These days, I fall asleep when my head hits the pillow.” -JC

JC couldn’t fall asleep anymore. With the many pressures and problems at work, he certainly needed a good night sleep, every night. Since Covid, it was chaos with shipping problems, finances and travel restrictions. He needed all his energy just to keep on top of it.

He’d come home for dinner at 7 and would spend quality time with his wife and 2 daughters.

And between 9 and 10, he would read reports and catch up on unfinished emails from his day at work.

And every night, when JC walked away from his computer, his mind was still alert, worried about deadlines and pressures. There was always a lot on his mind.

Unfortunately, after months of this routine, his mind learned a new skill: it kept him awake.

He would say, “I just can’t fall asleep anymore” and he believed it!

When the unconscious mind learns a new belief, it can be very difficult to change. It will carry on this way until it has a very good reason to change.

Hypnotherapy is the mind-body modality that helps the unconscious change patterns of belief.  JC believed that he could no longer fall asleep and this is what he came to see me for.

In hypnosis, we taught the unconscious part of his mind to believe that he was a good sleeper and that he could and should fall asleep.

The unconscious mind strives to create patterns of thought and behaviour that are consistent with our beliefs.

Now his mind allows him to fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.