Will I be able to go into a hypnotic trance?

A Trance is the Essential Ingredient of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has an essential ingredient that facilitates inner change – a hypnotic trance. It’s quite common for clients to wonder whether they are able to go into a trance. For many, the thought of going into a hypnotic trance can cause them to worry about losing control. It’s actually quite the contrary. In fact, we are always in a trance. Even as you read this, you are in some form of light trance. The benefit of a trance in hypnosis is how it helps us focus inward. It helps our mind have clarity about what we are experiencing. When we calm the mind, we can limit mental chatter and self-judgment.  We have more control instead of less. We have all experienced how being stressed clouds our ability to focus clearly.  A hypnotic trance is simply that quiet inner state of mind without busy thoughts constantly competing with our focus.

A hypnotic Trance Creates Inner Clarity

As a hypnotist, my skill is to help you quiet your mind so you can focus on achieving the change you want. If you can focus on thoughts of tranquility,  your mind will start believing that the tranquility is real. You’ll soon discover subtle physical signals that suggest that your body is calming down.  You’ll naturally feel more comfortable about just letting go and this peaceful state of mind will spread. That peaceful state is called a hypnotic trance.

A Great Movie Induces s a Hypnotic Trance

Some have compared the hypnotic trance to experiencing a movie. When we find ourselves  involved with the emotions and action of a movie, we are in a state of focus. We don’t judge the movie for being unreasonable or far-fetched, even when it is. We just allow it to be whatever  story it is. That focus is what a hypnotherapist refers to as a hypnotic trance. In hypnotherapy, it allows us to accept our story and to find a solution that we feel comfortable with.

In hypnosis, it’s the experiential aspect of a hypnotic trance  that makes solutions easy to accept and that makes hypnotherapy so effective.